Size: 53km long, 23km across

Total coastline: 220km

Sunshine: 315 days per year

Population: 82,000

Language: Catalan/Spanish

Currency: Euro

Holiday season: April - October

Airport: Mahon (MAH)

UK flight time: 2 hours

The Fiesta of Sant Joan in Ciutadella

About Menorca

Although it's a small island, Menorca's prominent position in the mediterranean has given it a rich history of foreign influence. Read on to understand the beating heart of Menorca...

Art & Museums

For visitors seeking "a little culture", Menorca has plenty to offer...

Climate & Weather

Menorca enjoys a classic mediterranean climate, with over 300 days of sunshine each year. Read about the best times to visit and what to expect.

Famous Faces

Our "Who's Who" guide to the great and the good of Menorca.


Menorcans have a fine tradition of fiestas (festes) that run throughout the summer, opening in Ciutadella and ending the season in Mahon. Visitors are welcomed at all events and there is truly no better way to both enjoy and understand the island.

Caldereta de Llagosta (lobster stew)

Food & Drink

The traditional cuisine of Menorca is a clear reflection of both it's history and island status. Fresh seafood is plentiful, but so also are some superb dairy products that reflect British rule of the 18th century.

History of Menorca

With one of the best natural harbours in the world and a commanding position over the Mediterranean, Menorca has a rich and eventful history of invasion and foreign influence. From the earliest prehistoric times to the present day, this peaceful island has seen much upheaval...

Island Places

Explore the island with our interactive map of Menorca.


The island's first language is Catalan, not Spanish. Banned under Franco, it is now proudly spoken throughout Menorca.

Useless Facts

You'll never be stuck for holiday conversation again! Did you know Mayonnaise was invented in Menorca? Or that Menorca has more beaches than Mallorca and Ibiza put together? Read on and arrive armed with some great pool-side conversation starters...